August 1, 2010

Love my SWAGBUCKS just cashed in my swagbucks for gift cards to Amazon.

People ask how do I get Swagbucks.  I have turned in my Swagbucks several times to get Amazon gift cards. Swagbucks  has a variety of prizes but the Amazon gift cards are what I like. Either way Swagbucks is contributing to our family budget. I have listed a few things that I do everyday to earn Swagbucks.
1.  Add the tool bar (when you add this tool bar you will get one swagbuck)
2. Voting in the Daily Poll will get you one Daily Swagbuck.
3. Visit the Survey Dashboard this will get you one Daily Swagbuck.
4. Visit the No Obligation Special Offers every day and you will get one Daily Swagbuck. What I listed above will give me around 120 Swagbucks a month not including my daily searches that will give me even more Swagbucks. Then I cash them in and enjoy!

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