August 12, 2010

Feed Our Children

Don't Let Our Children Starve

With the unemployment rate in our country rising and unemployment benefits running out let's make sure our children are fed. Look into programs at your child's school. Many schools have free or reduced lunch.  Ask your school office, teacher or go into the lunch room and talk to the person in charge and pick up some information.  It usually is a very short form to fill out and the school district will contact you. In our school district we do not have reduced lunch. Anyone that qualifies for reduced lunch will get lunch for free. This program also includes a free breakfast.


  1. Just saw your blog on my This for That MckLinky...did you want ppl to follow you? Just making sure :)

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  2. Hi! I am your newest follower from This for That. I wasn't sure if you wanted followers, but I assumed so. Thanks!


  3. Love your blog title. I'm a frugal mom too. My kids are grown now, but I raised them on my own, so I'm pretty good at it..haha..Have a great weekend!


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