August 9, 2010

Spending a Little Time will Save you Money!

Make sure before you go grocery shopping you take the time to get your coupons around. It is well worth the money and time with the kids going back to school and packing lunches. (I do Coupon Sense if you have any questions please let me know they do other states besides AZ) So I spent time finding all the coupons needed as this is very easy to look up on Coupon Sense.  All my coupons are kept in a bin organized by weeks so they are easy to locate. I also got my coupons around to stack at Frys. (2 coupons per item) I also took the $3, $5 and $10 dollar coupons from other stores and put them with my coupons. I spent $279.78 saved $172.66 and was able to charge (really debit only press charge so you can get cash back at the end of the month) $107.12 a savings of 67%

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