September 13, 2010

FREEBIES and Frugal Finds

I really did not need a lot this week from the grocery store because of my ongoing stockpile. But I did find a few things to add to the stockpile.

4 pkgs Small Steps TP FREE
8 pkg of Barilla pasta .50 each
Welches Grape Juice .50
5 Natural Choice lunch meat $1.00
5 Jimmy Dean Sausage $1.99

Total spent $17.39

P.S. I think they missed a Jimmy Dean sausage.


  1. What store did you find the Small Steps TP? I've been looking around for it. Thanks!

  2. Albertsons has Small Steps. They sell the TP, paper towels and napkins. My Frys/Kroger only has the paper towels. I am not sure about Walmart and Target.


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