September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tipster....Cook Once Eat Twice

Cook Once Eat Twice

Do you ever feel like you have so much going on during the day and before you know it it's time for dinner. Are you prepared? You still have to pick up and take the kids to where they need to be. Are you asking yourself how am I going to take the hour it takes to prepare and eat a meal with the family. We have a full house. On game days we all get home late and it becomes very overwhelming. So I started Cook Once Eat Twice.   This past weekend I made homemade pancakes. I went ahead and doubled the recipe. After the kids were done eating we put the leftover pancakes in freezer bags and in the freezer. They are now able any morning of the week to go get a couple of pancakes to heat and eat. We also made 5 lbs of taco meat. After dinner I was able to leave some for leftovers and freeze some for 2 more meals. This will be a great help for us on game days. Make the most of your cooking and leftovers. Try and freeze to make another meal. If you roast a chicken roast two chickens and freeze. Try putting the Cook Once Eat Twice into action.


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