October 19, 2010

What do you do with your Freebies?

People ask me what do you do with your freebies. This is just one way we use our freebies. Last week my daughter came home and said her dance tacher (at school) was going to have dance classes for some girls that had fallen on hard times and wanted to know if we could donate anything to help these girls out. Well out came the Freebies and gift bags. We were able to make gift bags with lotion from Bath & Body Works, full size body wash, finger nail polish and lip gloss from Ulta, razers, powder the list went on. My daughter took them into school and the teacher was shocked with everything that was in the gift bags. To make someone have a smile, it is all worth it. For our large family Freebies are great. Just a little computer work or coupons in the store with very little time.  Make sure to give back even if it was free!   

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