August 23, 2011

Amazing ~ Hooked On Phonics for Just $14.99 WOW

I did home daycare for 10 years and I was always working with the kids to get them ready for Kindergarden. I have looked into Hooked On Phonics and have NEVER seen it for this price. This is what the kit includes ~

  • Letter recognition phonics reading method

  • Interactive and fun

  • Prepares children for success in school

  • Builds reading confidence

  • Developed with teachers

  • Tested with kids

  • 3-step method: learn, practice, play

  • 3 phonics flip books

  • 4 activity workbooks

  • 1 sing along CD

  • DVD with music and cartoons

  • 1 make-a-book kit

  • Pre-K to 2nd grade

  • Go HERE for more information


    1. Anonymous8/23/2011

      I can't get the link to work :/

    2. Anonymous8/23/2011

      link says "Not Found
      Error 404"


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