August 22, 2010

Save 62% when Using Coupons!


I hope everyone had a great weekend. I want to remind everyone to use your coupons this next week when going grocery shopping. Pick a day and take the time to go over adds and coupons. Make a list of what is wanted and  needed in your household. Also decide what you can stock pile at a great low price or FREE. I took the time this week and it really paid off. I took 2 hours going over sale adds and coupons. Finding the best deals and stacking my coupons and being Frys/Kroger is taking all other stores coupons I made sure I got those around so I would save the time of not going store to store this week. It took me another 2 hours to do the grocery shopping. My daughter and I ended up with 2 grocery carts full of great deals. The best part was at check out. My total was $482.70 after coupons they took off $297.37 making my total spent, $185.22 a savings of 62%. Cut your food bill in half. Only purchase what is on Sale! If it is not on sale do not purchase it.

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